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Prairie Immigration
The Prairie Immigration Experience is a collaborative digitization initiative between the University of Manitoba Archives & Special Collections, the University of Saskatchewan Archives, and Oseredok, the Ukrainian Cultural and Educational Centre. The site features 15,000 digitized archival documents relating to the topic of immigration in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Alberta. These documents include diaries, correspondence, photographs, and audio and video recordings from several fonds within the holdings of these three archival institutions. The archival documents detail the experiences of immigrants of various nationalities and ethnicities, from their arrival in Canada, to the hardships they faced settling in a new country, to the lasting effects immigration has had on Canadian society and culture. Several documents also examine the development of Canada's immigration policy and its fluctuating levels of restrictions on the entry of immigrants into the country. The site also features an educational component featuring a historical narrative, games and activities for students and lesson plans for teachers in grade six.

Thomas Glendenning Hamilton
The Thomas Glendenning Hamilton Photograph Collection illustrates Dr. T.G. Hamilton's investigations of psychic phenomena in his home in Winnipeg, Manitoba during the first half of the twentieth century. Hamilton attempted to apply empirical methods during his investigations and utilized a unique multi-camera apparatus to photograph mediums during what appeared to be psychic events. The more than seven hundred digitized images detail numerous aspects of spiritualism including telekinesis, teleplasm, trance states, and other psychic phenomena.

Faculty of Architecture - Fine Arts
This collection holds about 1000 items of fine artwork for the viewer to peruse.

Historical Maps of Manitoba
This collection contanis historical maps on the province of Manitoba.

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